SC. Variart SRL provides specialized cloth design services. The models designed in the workshop at the behest of the client will be made from the material the client chooses or brings.   Contact   Address: Sf. Gheorghe,Str. Presei nr.4/7, Covasna, România                            Contacts: Vargyasi Levente, tel:0745146976 Vargyasi Melinda, tel:0744777316 E-mail: vargyasi@gmail.com; vargyasimeli@gmail.com   


    Field of activity: hydrotechnical works Identifying goods ,in an underwater environment, with cultural and archeological value, the protection of the aforementioned goods, cleaning of polluted underwater areas, organizing courses for professional scuba-diving.   Contact   Contact: Szabo Enikő Telephone: 0755-011.500 Web: www.jenoszabo.ro       


    Field of activity: management and consultancy activities   Contact   Contact: Furesz Akos Telephone: 0730 584 680 E-mail: contrad12@gmail.com       


    Field of activity: management and business consultancy   Contact   Contact: Vajda Boglarka E-mail: vajdaboglarka@gmail.com Telephone: 0742-053308


    Field of activity: specialized design- related activities   Contact   Contact: Dávid Eszter E-mail: eszterlanc@gmail.com Telephone: 0742 166607

  • Events held at the Sf. Gheorghe Incubator between 26 August- 24 September

      A number of events have been scheduled in celebration of the 15th anniversary of the Association of Small and Medium Size Enterprises of the County of Covasna, the 5th anniversary of the establishment ...

  • The "Creating Crossborder Competitive Clusters" seminar

    On the 20th of July 2011, the “Creating Cross-Border Competitive Clusters” conference will take place. The event is organized by the Dobrich Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Constanta Chamber ...

  • Grow your business by accessing funding programs

      The Covasna Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, together with the Covasna County Council and CECCAR Covasna, organized the “Grow your business by accessing funding programs” Conference ...

  • Biomass - renewable energy resource

      On the 14th of February 2011, the Sf Gheorghe Business Incubator hosted the Conference “Biomass - renewable energy resource”. The event was organized by the Green Energy Association and featured ...